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  • Free Book and Book Reviews

    21st Aug 2019 by

    My autobiography “Checkmate” care, abuse, love, murder is completely free and available on my blog. To reach the widest audience possible I need your help. Do you know any sites where survivor stories, abuse stories or autobiographies can be given away or uploaded for free? Are you a reader looking to get known as a… Read more

  • About

    8th Aug 2019 by

    I write about my life. From the early years of abuse, the care system and a dysfunctional family, through homelessness to present day issues where I marry up my old mindsets to my new lifestyle as a parent & partner. You’ll find simular themes throughout my poetry and fiction. My main body of work is… Read more

  • Why Checkmate?

    5th Jul 2019 by

    I was asked at least a thousand times why I wanted to write. Why specifically I wanted to write the one book, the autobiography. Nobody asked about the fiction I’ve written or the poetry, it was always the same. Why “Checkmate?” and you know I could never answer it. I couldn’t really understand it myself… Read more

  • Chapter 1 – Checkmate

    4th Jul 2019 by

    My mother was next to an old table drinking a glass of water and looking out over the pond outside in the back garden, I can remember the water was more green than clear from previous trips out there amongst the trees. I must have been no older than six and I knew nobody was… Read more

  • Chapter 2 – Checkmate

    3rd Jul 2019 by

    Most memories of Nan involve her cooking or knitting, she was short but far from a small woman. Depending who you asked her nicknames ranged from Sergeant major to the Battleaxe. She made bugs. They were little wool balls with feet, plastic eyes and a ribbon that was placed along the dash board of cars… Read more

  • Chapter 3 – Checkmate

    2nd Jul 2019 by

    I don’t remember my brother and younger sister being born because they didn’t live with us. Each time there was another birth I was just told that I had a new brother or sister and that I was to take care of them. I was told by Nan and Alan who’d take me around to… Read more

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